The Short Story Delights is designed for undergraduate students of Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies (BA ELS) who are taking the Introduction To Literature course.  It is divided into various sections, i.e. Tutorial, Exercises, Teacher's Guide and Useful Links, to guide students and help them in reading and understanding short stories.  The aims of the Short Story Delights are as follows:

  • To introduce students to the discipline of literature through the main genre of prose, in this case, Short Stories

  • To enable students to recognize technical features of Short Stories by examining the selected texts

  • To make students aware of the importance of literary interpretation

  • To introduce students to the various literary elements and devices in the genre of Short Stories.                                                                    Page Down

Furthermore, the purpose of the Short Story Delights is to help students take a delight in their reading of narrative prose, and eventually and most importantly, to help them develop their love and appreciation for Literature.        

A short story is an account of a happening.  However, it differs from the "anecdote" - the unelaborated narration of a single incident (1999:286). 
 Interested to know more? Take the ride of delight to explore short stories!

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