Each of these questions has options A,B,C and D. Choose the most suitable answer.

Speed interviewing

Those who have been job hunting recently would probably have heard of speed interviewing. This concept is inspired by speed dating, where singles meet each other for a few minutes, exchange telephone numbers and then move on to meet other singles. Similarly in speed interviewing, each candidate is interviewed for a few minutes by job recruiter who usually gives instant feedback on his or her performance at the end of which the candidate moves on to another booth and the whole process is repeated.
Within the same day each candidate could meet with as many as twenty recruiters. Each session usually lasts from five to fifteen minutes, which is often more than sufficient time for recruiters to form an opinion about the suitability of the candidate for the job or company. In fact, most recruiters say they already know after the first few unites if the candidate is a strong or weak match for the position and organization; however, they often prolong the interview session for poor matches out of courtesy.
Speed interviewing benefits both job seekers as well as recruiters. Obviously, employers benefit when they can meet a big group of candidates within a short time as this will save them much time and money. Candidates also benefit as they have the chance to be interviewed b a greater number of potential employers. This greatly increases their chance of being employed. Moreover, if they are fresh graduates, they get more interview experience ad invaluable feedback on their performance.
Although this recruitment method is popular with employers for hiring recent graduates and is often used to recruit workers for entry-level positions, it can also be used for recruiting workers for senior positions. Generally, speed recruiting takes place at job or career fairs where companies represented at such fairs are on recruitment drive. Naturally, the best interview technique is speed interviewing as they get to meet as many candidates as possible within the shortest time.


(Adapted from: www.theage.com.au)