Below is an extract of a conversation. Read carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Flying with A Baby

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Check-in Assistant : Hello. Are you flying to St. Martin today?

Passenger : Yes, I have my ticket here.

Check-in Assistant : Great. I'll need to see your passport as well.

Passenger : I have an e-ticket. this the part you need?

Check-in Assistant : Actually I just need your name and I can find you on the computer.

Passenger : Oh OK. It's Bates. Frank Bates.

Check-in Assistant : Great. Here we are. Oh, you're travelling with an infant today.

Passenger : Yes, my daughter Mia. She's 14 months.

Check-in Assistant : Okay. I'll need to see your daughter's birth certificate to prove that she is under two years of age.

Passenger : Here you are. Say, would we be able to get an aisle seat? I may have to walk her around if she gets fussy.

Check-in Assistant : Sure. I'll put you near the washroom too.

Passenger : Thanks. Can I take my stroller to the gate?

Check-in Assistant : Yes, we'll check it in the over-sized luggage after you board. Are you just checking these two bags today?

Passenger : Yes, I'll take my knapsack as my carry-on.

Check-in Assistant : Did you pack these bags yourself?

Passenger : Yes.

Check-in Assistant : Okay. Here is your boarding pass. Be at the gate one hour to boarding time. You will be able to preboard because you are travelling with an infant. Our flight crew will have some special instructions for take-off and landing.

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