Match the plots according to their respective orders.
In 2045, a spaceship is heading towards planet Trion. Being the only child onboard, Trish finds it difficult to adapt being all alone most of the time.
Her father, the executive officer on the spaceship, tries to spend time with her in spite of his busy schedule, while her mother was away in Trion.
Trish feels lonely and bored with only VP ( a VoicePrinter) as her playmate, tutor and friend. She yearns for human companionship.3
Through VP, Trish gets an idea on creating a clone or making ‘another Me”. She secretly clones her own companion in the Biolab. She calls her identical twin “Clo”.
Initially Trish and Clo become good friends and have fun together. Trish begins to spend less time with VP as she is occupied with Clo.
Soon Trish begins to get tired of Clo as her mannerism which mirrors her, begins to irritate her. The breaking point is when Clo starts to refer to Trish’s mum as her own. This makes Trish really angry and she plans to ‘dispose’ off Clo forever through the disposal hatch system.
The story ends with a twist when the diary entry shows that Clo managed to turn the tables on Trish and disposed off her instead.